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Cedars Care Home 4th Jan 2021 Activities Co-Ordinator
I have been an Activities Co-ordinator for a few months now (with no previous experience) and the lady who was training me had to leave to look after family (after a month of training from 0 experience!) I am struggling coming up with Dementia-Friendly Group Activities for my Memory Lane Residents- any help would be greatly appreciated!
Susan 5th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Congratulations on your new job
I assume you are a natural when it comes to activities
Activities for those with dementia can be difficult especially group activities
However I am sure you will find a lot of help on this site
I’d like a sing-along because people of many different levels can enjoy it
Some people who cannot speak can sing the words to a song
I think that is important to include everyone in the activity in someway
You might have to have a multi level within a group
Besides these ideas you can always do balloon ball kickball with the beach ball
You can have a number of residents sit at the table and each does their own thing but you can facilitate conversations with each one
I also like playing card games
and dice games
Often you have to be the facilitator to make the group as smooth as possible
This should be a good place to start
Let me know if you need any more specific help about things I have mentioned
Gigi 7th Jan 2021 Director of Recreation Therapy
I think the challenge here is to do no contact activities with COVID restrictions. If you play cards or dice games you need to wipe down everything as soon as someone touches them and definitely cannot pass around to other residents!
Music therapy is huge in our memory care unit, use an ipad that only you touch, find pandora or amazon music and search 40's or 50's music, play part of the song and let them try to guess what song it is.
This or that? game.
Dry erase board for words-in-words game, Pictionary, hangman.
Use laptop for youtube clips of funny animals.
Reminisce 1:1 about favorite holiday, best pet ever, etc.
Finish the phrase- on golden carers website
A-Z like scattergories: name something that starts with B that you find at the beach; starts with the letter C that you find in the garden, etc.
There are a lot of things on Goldencarers- Alzheimer's category, Activity Connection website, and on Pinterest.
Susan 8th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Wow GIgi what great ideas
As far as the dice go
I would give each resident on their own days so they’re not touching each other’s
Thanks for sharing
Vanessa 13th Feb 2021 Activities Co-Ordinator
You can always email me and we can talk about perfect ideas [email protected] my name is Nessy :)
Susan 13th Feb 2021 Activity Director
Thank you for this Vanessa

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