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Julie 6th Jan 2021 LS360 Lifestyle Director
Hi everyone!
Happy New year!

I'm looking for an employee coaching template...can someone please share theirs?
Julie 7th Jan 2021
Thanks Susan! I'm looking more for a template for the step before discipline/write up. I addressed an issue with a new employee, went over protocol/policy/procedure and want a paper trail in the event I need it. I do recall Golden Careres actually having one, but I can't find it anywhere.
Susan 8th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Hi Julie
Will any of these forms help you
I have been looking on: Carers too
I am going to do some more research if what I suggested does not work
Talita 10th Jan 2021
Hi Julie,

Here is a warning notice template we have put together, hopefully this will be helpful for you. It is in Word format so you can modify it to suit your needs.
Julie 12th Jan 2021
Thank you so much for all of your help. I was able to get some useful information. Enjoy the rest of January and please stay healthy.
Susan 12th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Thank you Julie

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