How to Plan & Implement an Induction & Orientation Program

How to Plan & Implement an Induction & Orientation Program

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This article provides a general guide Activity Coordinators can use to plan and implement an Induction & Orientation Program; the specific requirements for each facility will differ.

A Guide for Leisure & Health Employees working in Aged Care

An Induction and Orientation Program helps prepare new staff in an efficient manner. It shows them what skills and behaviours they will need to become high-functioning employees.

In this article we cover:

  • What is an Induction & Orientation Program?
  • Who is Responsible for Induction & Orientation?
  • Benefits of Induction & Orientation for New Employees
  • Benefits for Organisations
  • Designing and developing an 'Induction Handbook'
  • Planning an Orientation Program
  • Mentor Responsibilities
  • Orientation Day
  • Orientation Checklist for Activity Coordinator (sample)
  • Orientation Checklist for New Employee (sample)

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Talita 22nd Mar 2016
Thanks Patrice, I very much appreciate your feedback.
Patrice 22nd Mar 2016 Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist
Thank you so much Talita. I am so honored that you took my issue and made a program for myself and others to benefit from. Thanks again. I love this site and the people who work for us out here in the field..
Satomi 22nd Mar 2016 Carer / Activity Coordinator
Thank you for the detailed information. Currently I am studying a unit called Leadership in Health Care and this information is very useful once I need to attend the interview and beyond. Satomi
Talita 22nd Mar 2016
Thanks for the feedback Satomi!