Sharing and recollecting memories with seniors in long term care helps them to affirm who they are and maintain self worth.

Sharing and recollecting memories with seniors in long term care helps them to affirm who they are and to maintain self worth.

It is also a stimulating mental activity, promoting good social interaction and strengthening friendships. Residents may benefit from listening to the wonderful and touching stories of their peers.

Reminiscing stories may be video recorded with the resident’s permission and as per facility protocols. If this is not possible, chronicle the memories in a scrapbook to share with members of the families.

Reminiscing sessions give staff a better understanding of their clients' needs, leading to improved care.

In this article we provide 13 meaningful themes for reminiscing.

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Helen 14th Jul 2017
Does anyone have any advice regards group size? I'm going to be doing weekly sessions soon and I'm thinking of limiting it to about 8 attendees, i feel like a bigger group might inhibit some people and make it difficult for everyone to speak (if they wish).
Any thoughts on this would be gratefully recieved, thanks in advance.
Joanne 9th Mar 2016
I like using visual aids with my reminiscing...for example I took a toolbox in with old tools that had the men reminiscing and to offside that for the ladies I had an old beauty case and filled it with curlers, perfume, jewellery etc. I also got from my mother who was a teacher her training sewing sampler and that brought out many responses from residents, staff and visitors. Currently I am working on another toolbox which I am filling with mens items eg. bowtie, cravat, cufflinks, watch, pipe etc. The visual aids help those that can't hear join in with the activity and creates many fun times and storytelling.
carole 25th Aug 2015
another great topic is the old time dances, this leads into music, fashion, dating etc
Sally 16th Jun 2015
We talked the other day for over two hours about all the good things in life we did when we were younger that were "GREAT & FREE" eg picnics, church,fetes,parks,swimming ,riding a bike ,dancing,singing (the list was endless ) :)
Maryann 13th May 2015
I use Reminiscing a lot even in and during other Group or 1;1 Sessions - great conversation starter.
Also Residents like to know something that you remember too
karen 29th Oct 2014
Mothers day, fathers day, school holidays and wedding days have been successful with my reminiscing activities:)
karen 29th Oct 2014
I have had some fantastic reminiscing times.. try weddings, mothers day, fathers day and school holidays
Kim 8th Sep 2014
I find all stories told by our elderly to be fascinating ,educational and inspiring.
Sally 29th Aug 2014
Love reminiscing activities. But, one thing you need to be flexible. I tried the topic about Bedtime stories and mine reminded me that they didn't have power after dark and many of them didn't have electricity until the war. Not to worry, it is still a good idea as they talked about the dust storms and sleeping out on the grass amongst the mozzies. A lot of my ressies lived in little country towns or on properties in the outback.

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