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simonne 27th Jan 2021 Support worker
Support. Just about to start a new position (lifestyle coordinator), noticed today that staff member looked overwhelmed... lots of people in the room and no other staff around.

What strategies do other people use to make sure 1 staff member is not overloaded with residents and no care staff to assist during activity (toilet and also once activity is finished). Don’t want to go in guns blazing but really felt for assistant today (I was having induction tour) and also I have been there myself.. its too much.
Susan 28th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Hi Simonne
Is the room overcrowded??
Certain activities can have a large audience such as a sing a long and exercise
It is ideal to have a carer there to toilet residents
I do not know how your facility is setup but we always moved residents to the nurses station if a resident needs special attention
I do not know if you have a morning meeting
You could bring this up and ask other staff members what they suggest
If everyone is busy then you will have to make do but if there are staff member sitting behind the desk doing nothing then engage with them in an activity you are trying to run
Let us know how this works out
Bronwyn 30th Jan 2021 Assistant Lifestyle Officer
Hi all back into Lifestyle after 5 yrs any suggestions for Singalong with LARGE words on the screen? Is a DVD the way to go and if so who? If not technology has advanced in 5yrs what are the options? Thanks Bron in Australia
Susan 31st Jan 2021 Activity Director
Hi Bron
I’d like russ Carlton but I cannot find any of his DVDs for sale anymore
Perhaps your local library has them
Susie Qs dvds look similar
Another option is to use CDs like the ones at Elder Song
The best option is to have a staff member leading the sing-along even if they don’t sing that well
They should be best at engaging the residents
You may want to start a separate post asking this question
Also you may want to check with the Facebook group

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