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Jessica 12th Feb 2021 Life Enrichment Coordinator
Hi, I am new as an activities director. I was never trained and I have to build a new program from scratch. Can I get any advice on what to do. I got my facility to invest in this program as it is amazing. I have read a few things of what to do but am unsure as how to go about doing them. A bit of HELP would be greatly appreciated.
Susan 13th Feb 2021 Activity Director
Hi Jessica
Congratulations on your new position
It will be challenging but don’t get discouraged
First what type of facility do you work in and what is the level of function of your residents
I would get to know the residents and see their likes and dislikes and abilities
Then you need to design a monthly and possibly weekly calendar
Here are some a articles that will help you
You can also use the toolkit
The tool kit will be especially helpful for someone in your situation
You might also be interested in this
Do you need to direct staff??
I assume you’ll have to go to meetings
You probably will have to write progress notes care plans etc.
Here is some more help
You can do a client assessment as suggested here
Or you could do this

What I did when I first started a job is that I went in before I started working to talk to the residents to see what they like in general
It will take you at least three months to get to know the people I think but don’t be discouraged
Another tool is to have a resident Council meeting to see what the residents like
As suggested in other articles
talk to the staff and family members
Good luck to you and if you have anymore questions feel free to ask them
Jessica 15th Feb 2021
Thank you, I will read the articles you have provided. I am so grateful for this site and I love that it has so many different ideas and games.
Susan 16th Feb 2021 Activity Director
Hi Jessica
Thank you for your kind words
Let us know how it is going and if you have anymore questions
I know it will all go well for you

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