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Penny 24th Feb 2021 Memory Care Manger
I work in a facility that specializes in end stage Alzheimer's. We have a resident that seeks ways out all day, in the evenings he wants to "help" by moving all the furniture including stacking chairs, benches and try's to stack dining tables. He is difficult to redirect and gets angry if you try to stop his activity. He was an account and would do math worksheets and count play money for us, however his attention span is not there any longer.
Does anyone have any "Jobs" ideas that would work? He likes to be a helper.
Solange 24th Feb 2021 Diversional Therapist
Hi Penny, you could try buying a Birdhouse kit for him to put together and to paint it. Another idea is to get an old chair (Salvation Army) and some sandpaper for him to ‘restore’ it. Also, we have some lively maths games that may be of interest, and the Weather Station for seniors; both are worthwhile trying. The best of luck!
Penny 24th Feb 2021
Hello Solange! Thank you for taking the time to give me some ideas. I love the idea of getting an old chair for him to restore! I think that would keep his attention and give him a purpose.
Kathy 26th Feb 2021 Senior Center Supervisor
When my grandfather was at the end stages we used to give him poker chips to sort and stack on a bedside table. He always liked counting change so this to him was like counting change.
Maybe this will help. Also, what if you set up a desk for him with a clipboard, calculator, spreadsheets etc?
Solange 26th Feb 2021 Diversional Therapist
You are welcome, Penny. Good luck!
Susan 26th Feb 2021 Activity Director
Hi Kathy
Thank you for your suggestions
Penny 1st Mar 2021
Kathy you were a insightful and loving granddaughter, he was lucky to have you. Thank you for you suggestions, I’m looking forward to trying them
Adam 5th Mar 2021
An idea that has worked for our center is to have a resident deliver internal newsletters from office to office, or “junk mail” from the postal service. This gives the resident a task to complete as well as get a little extra exercise throughout the day.
Susan 5th Mar 2021 Activity Director
Hi Adam thank you for your information
Beatrice 9th Mar 2021 Activity Director
Hello everyone I want to know is anyone have activity that they will like to share for residents that on isolation
Susan 9th Mar 2021 Activity Director
Hi Beatrice
Here are some ideas make sure to read the comments as well
Penny 9th Mar 2021
Thank you Adam great idea!
Kassy 16th Sep 2021
I purchased a kind of tackle box/tool box, went to the hardware store and got packets of screws, bolts, electrical end in differing colours, tiny bits of dow, hole plugs etc. I tip them into an ice cream container and say to our resident "look at this mate, someone left it all messy. Any chance you could assist me to pop them back into their right compartments?" He will often sit at a table and sort them all out for me bless him.
Susan 18th Sep 2021 Activity Director
Hi Kassy
Thank you for your input but it will have to be careful about giving people attend that are too small
Another resident might think it’s candy and try to swallow this
Some residents have trouble picking up small items also

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