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Julie 26th Feb 2021 Wellness & Activity Coordinator
Hello! I was given a blow up punching bag. It sits on the floor with water in the bottom to weigh it down and keep it in place. I know my residents would love using this, but I would like to structure an activity with it. I'm drawing a blank! Thanks for any input!
Solange 26th Feb 2021 Diversional Therapist
Hi Julie, boxing as an exercise with a punching bag (blow-up or not) should be done with a professional coach’s advice for safety's sake. On the other hand, I have seen it being used the way children use it but with one difference; elderly people were sitting down on a chair in front of the punch-bag. To look the part they wore boxing gloves. Then, they took turns to hit the punch- ball - all the way to the floor if possible - and someone kept a record of it. The group (2 groups of 3) that had punched the bag all the way to the floor the most won the game. The men loved it.
Susan 26th Feb 2021 Activity Director
Hi Julie
I had several punching bags and they were always successful
They are good for getting out aggressions and for exercise
But also use it as part of an Olympic style activity with many games this being one of them

Julie 6th Mar 2021 Wellness & Activity Coordinator
Very helpful! Thank you.
Bisola 31st Mar 2023 Manager
Having a punching bag is cool because it's always good to be active. However, it seems to me that your punching bag is not very comfortable for training, maybe you should buy a best punching bag for apartment.

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