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Kelly 1st Apr 2021 Receptionist
Is there a way to ask for movie suggestions? Our assisted living tenants prefer the movies we show have no sex, drugs, alcohol, swearing, violence....prefer funny if possible. I am kind of tapped out of ideas! Thank you!
Susan 2nd Apr 2021 Activity Director
Hi Kelly
I think the older movies are just what your residents would like
Here is a list on golden Carers
Katy 7th Apr 2021 OTA/PTA
We absolutely love the Disney Channel with movies like:
The apple Dumplin' Gang
All of the Herbie movies
The Animal kingdom

There are too many to list.
Susan 7th Apr 2021 Activity Director
Hi Katy
Thank you for your suggestions I agree Disney movies are great
Also the movies on the Hallmark channel are nice but they have commercials
Kelly 8th Apr 2021 Receptionist
Thank you so much!!
Kelly 9th Apr 2021 Receptionist
how do you get your movies? DVD or streaming or a different way?
Susan 9th Apr 2021 Activity Director
We signed up for Netflix
I also got DVDs from the library
Annemarie 26th Sep 2023 Recreation Activity Assistant
Thank you for the suggestions in the list! Like Kelly, I have the same challenge. I am new to this world of recreation (have worked 3 months) and have put on 2 movie nights. There are many great movies out there. However, I don't typically watch many personally which adds to the challenge for me - but we are also limited in time to 90 minutes which REALLY cuts down on the good choices that are also wholesome! I have been able to find some movies available on YouTube or as well ( has a lot of classic tv shows too!), also Tubi or Pluto (but they seem to have commercials).

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