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Nadine 8th Apr 2021 Activity Coordinator And Carer
hi all,
I am really hoping someone could come up with some ideas to help as i think ive bitten off more than i can chew,
a local school approached me asking if they could do a pen friends with our home with all the school, obviously i thought what a nice idea for the residents at my home receiving letters and making friends at the times we are living at the moment. but the letters have arrived and there is at least 100 letters i'm not sure how i am going to send each child a detailed letter back with just me as the activities person in the home. any suggestions please.

thanks in advance nadine
Shelley 9th Apr 2021 Recreation
Hi Nadine,
We were asked to do the same. Are there any other homes in your community? if so the letters could be divided between homes to share the love. Your residents could respond to a few instead of many. I too am the only Activity staff in our building. We are pen pals with 45 students and all seniors independently write their own letter/cards/coloring pages to their assigned student usually twice per month, I assist 6 with their replies. I set a date and time for when the letters are completed and then the school picks them up to deliver to the students. This program works very well, with little coordination. The biggest hurdle is finding seniors who are interested in being a pen pal. other projects that also work are seasonal coloring pages or classroom art. I wish you luck!
Susan 9th Apr 2021 Activity Director
HI Nadine
Here are some ideas
First contact the school and let them know your situation
Maybe someone from the school can help you
Maybe you can get some volunteers to help you
Maybe you can get some at the staff at your facility to help you
Maybe there are some residents that could help you
Maybe you can share the full address with another facility in your area
Think it’s most important to contact someone at the school and let them know your situation and let them know that you will get to all the letters as soon as possible
Hopefully they will intern tell the students
Susan 10th Apr 2021 Activity Director
Hi Shelley
Thank you for this valuable information
Gigi 13th Apr 2021 Director of Recreation Therapy
I am a new director and am trying to brainstorm some innovative ideas. As a TRD I just focused on my activities but am looking for some new "bigger" ideas that involve all and don't require big groups.
Any ideas out there for Nurses week May 6-May 12 and Skilled Nursing Care Week May 9-May 15???
Linda 13th Apr 2021 Recreation Therapist
Hi Nadine
Perhaps have a group child reply from one resident ie one resident writes to five children
Just a thought
Susan 14th Apr 2021 Activity Director
Hi Gigi
I hope saw part of my answer on the other thread of you posted
Here are ideas for laughing what seems to be something anyone can do for a big activity with a few or a lot of residents
Dee 14th Apr 2021
We would love to have a few:) We tried partnering with another facility but they never responded to our letters..........You could email me 10-15 and I can see where it will go here if you are interested:) [email protected]
Susan 15th Apr 2021 Activity Director
Hi Dee
Thank you for your offer
This idea could help both of you
Susan 15th Apr 2021 Activity Director

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