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Emma 19th Apr 2021 Dog petting
Hi. I would like to start a petting dog business taking my very gentle tempered puppy to bring some love to people in care homes. I feel by spending a little time with a dog will bring lots of love and stimulation to the elderly with Dementia. I have realised this when I was allowed to visit my lovely mother after lockdown and I took Teddy my chihuahua puppy to meet her. Does anybody know how I can offer this and how to start? I would really appreciate some advice. Thank you
Susan 20th Apr 2021 Activity Director
Hi Emma
It is a wonderful idea to have a pet or a friendly dog visit the residents
You will have to make sure that your dog has all his shots
You may want to register your dog as a pet therapy dog
Know that there are some groups that offer this service for free
I don’t know if you can get a grant or not but you might want to look into that
I don’t know how much money you want to make doing this or this is just a sideline business??
Here is some information about starting pet visiting program in a facility
Good luck to you
Helen 30th Apr 2021 Activities Coordinator
Hi Emma,
We used to have regular visits to the Hospice from Pets As Therapy (PAT) dogs. They were pre-approved, trained and insured etc. Maybe something to look into or ask for advice.
I know it's a little more involved, but I think both you and the dog need to be trained in infection control, behaviour, safe guarding etc. Also a DBS and insurance will be required in the UK.
hope this helps.
Susan 30th Apr 2021 Activity Director
Hi Helen
Thank you for your input
I am sure it will be most helpful
Emma 1st May 2021 Dog petting
Thank you soo much it is very helpful I will look into it.

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