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Keirston 27th Feb 2013 Leisure/lifestyle co ordination
Hi, I'm looking for a really easy afl football tipping template, the residents want to take ownership of this.
patricia 14th Apr 2013 Recreational Activity Officer
I am doing football tipping, I but didn't really want it to encraoch onto other activities. I have given residents jobs of handing out the weekly draw and collecting it. After the week is finished I entered the residents points scored into an excel spreadsheet.
Some residents commented they felt better that it was a staff member who took responibility for entering the points.
If someone does not return their selections for the week they get points for the teams that had away wins.
I print out a weekly sheet of what points everyone has scored, also shows their overall tally.
MARYANN 21st Feb 2021 Programs Manager/Diversional Therapist
Hi AFL Tipping again - are you doing it - TEMPLATE
Talita 22nd Feb 2021
The 2021 scorecards are now available for the first 6 rounds. We will update with the remaining rounds once they are released.

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