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Deborah 26th May 2021 Activity Director
Hi Everyone

I have what may be a unique situation, but maybe not. I hope you all have some suggestions for me. The demographics of the facility where I work have changed drastically over the last year and a half. We now have mostly younger people. Most in their 50's and early 60's and most of them men. I am having a hard time finding entertainment and activities to interest both the younger and my older 80"s and 90"s. I am open to any and all suggestions. My company is asking for more activities, but the ones I am doing often get cancelled due to non attendance. Balloon Volleyball, Bingo, bring the most. Wii bowling and Bean bag toss on an average 6. Everything else is 2 to 5. Very frustrated.
Jessie 26th May 2021 Rec Manager
Everyone loves food! I would say try doing more socials. Wine & Cheese nights are always a hit here at our place. serve wine and have a platter with grapes, crackers and cheese per table (or indivdual plates) along with some music.
Another fun thing that most enjoy is exercise, so chair exercise is always fun, pick out a few fun songs and come up with a sit down dance routine. I have bought Boomwhakers off of Amazon which are plastic musical tubes you can whack together for extra fun and sounds!
Hope this helps
Solange 26th May 2021 Diversional Therapist
Hi Deborah, yes, it is really disheartening when you plan the activities and attendance is poor. One strategy that may help is involving residents’ relatives with ethnic food tasting. Here are other tips you may try: a) invite some residents to ‘help’ supervise their peers (eventually they may give it a try for 10 minutes) b) use individual invitations (made in a craft session by low care residents) c) Invite a friend or staff member with a well-behaved pet to visit d) Talk to the Music/Drama teacher in your local school to rehearse at your facility (most elderly people enjoy watching children) e) Start a gardening club (mainly pot plants and herbs) f) Announce a pic-nic lunch in your backyard g) Promote a Painting Competition with token prizes.
Martin 27th May 2021 Activities Co-Ordinator
Have you tried birdwatching? This seems to go down well with our male residents... If they are able, perhaps making bird feeders is another idea.
Dawn 2nd Jun 2021 Service Coordinator
The Armchair Travel on this website is awesome! You can do everything from watching you tube to playing music to tasting food while you learn about different countries.
Susan 2nd Jun 2021 Activity Director
Hi Dawn and Martin
Thank you for your suggestions

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