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Kelly 14th Jul 2021 Receptionist
Does anyone have ideas that our high school youth could do with our Assisted Living and Memory Care residents. We have 18 assisted living residents, however only 8 or so come to activities. We also have 9 memory care residents, of which only half with do activities. Thoughts or ideas? Thank you!
Solange 14th Jul 2021 Diversional Therapist
Hi Kelly, High School children can contribute in many ways. Music for instance; inquire at your local High School about choirs, Trio and Quartet musicians, poetry reading, and drama skits and invite them to do dress rehearsal at your facility. Also, teenagers can play cards and other table games with residents for an hour or so regularly. A teenager can also help a resident to restore a wooden jewelry box or a chair by sanding and painting it. Further, teenagers can assist interested residents with computers and wifi.
Make the children welcome with drinks and snacks to motivate them to come back. Don’t stress if at first residents don’t seem interested. They have to get used to the children before enjoying their company.
Susan 14th Jul 2021 Activity Director
Hi Kelly
I paired a resident or two with a high school student and they help them play bingo
Also some students like to read to the residents or vice versa
You can always have a party with food both enjoy
Food is a nice bridge
Solange also has some great ideas
Susan 14th Jul 2021 Activity Director
Hi Kelly
I have another idea
Do your residents play bunco because this would be a good game for pairing residents with students
You could give out small prizes
Here are some other game they can play together

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