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Tamara 14th Jul 2021 Activities Manager
Hi Everyone,

Christina & I would love some ideas on how to run a successful Dementia Café. We would like a name that is fun, and catchy - so any ideas welcome.

We are very keen to hear what ideas you have.

Kind Regards
Susan 16th Jul 2021 Activity Director
Hi Tamara
Where are you going to be having this dementia café??
What is the purpose of it??
Who will be coming residentS and family or just residents??
Is the name to invite people with dementia or for people as a whole??
Will this be a standalone place or will it be inside a facility??
Remember people with dementia need a straightforward title like
Food and fun here
In general if you are inviting everybody something like
The eatery might be appropriate
Answer the questions I asked and I can give you a better idea of what to do and what the name should be
This could be a great thing
Christine 16th Jul 2021 Activity Director
What's a Dementia Café? What will be going on there? I'm intrigued!
My church used to have an espresso coffee stand that was called "Gathering Grounds." I always thought that was a great name not only for coffee, but also for the people getting together.
Talita 19th Jul 2021
Hi Christine, A Memory Cafe is a safe and supportive place for people with dementia and their caregivers. Some may be activities-based but others are just a welcoming space in which people can connect and converse with other people in similar situations.
Christine 21st Jul 2021 Activity Director
That is really a wonderful thing to offer your community. Thanks!
Susan 28th Jul 2021 Activity Director
Hi Tamara
I don’t know if you picked a name yet but something simple like welcome would be simple yet inviting

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