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Julie 19th Jul 2021 Activity Coordinator
ICE CREAM TASTING- With the weather being hot i decided to do an ICE CREAM tasting event. I purchased 7 different flavoured ice creams (tubs), I put a spoonful of each flavour into little plastic disposable shot glasses ( £2 for 40 from Sainsburys)

The Residents really enjoyed it and gave their verdict of each flavor. I finished the tasting off with a sorbet and a frozen yoghurt
Susan 20th Jul 2021 Activity Director
Hi Julie
This sounds great
Did the residents have a favorite flavor??
Thanks for sharing this successful event with us
Jean 20th Jul 2021 Activities Coordinator
My residents also enjoyed this activity I only bought 4 flavours but it was a good afternoon
Fran 31st Jul 2021 Life Enrichment Department
We have an ice cream testing scheduled. We are making our own ice cream. I plan on them having taste of a cheap ice cream, a mid priced & expensive price ice cream. then ask about the homemade ice cream. We did this with chocolate & opinions varied, but it was not over whelming with respect to the expensive chocolate. trying to do this with seasonal items. example did prep of cucumbers, variety of apples & peaches. it always then wraps back to their own cooking preps!

Susan 1st Aug 2021 Activity Director
Hi Fran
This sounds like a lot of fun
Thanks for sharing it

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