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Bev 26th Mar 2013 Occupation Therapy Assistant
We have been using the same sit dance program for our morning exercise for years and it is very repetitive. Does anyone have any suggestions for something new except not zumba?
Kallee 5th Jun 2018 Activities Coordinator
What sit Dance program do you use?
Colleen 9th Jun 2018 Diversional Therapist
I call my sessions 'Chair Dancing Fun'.....I use a fun zappy short song, and make up a movement routine using either: organza scarves/fans/rolled up/cellotaped womans weeklys/long pieces of thick ribbon. Residents seem to enjoy the chance to use 'props' - it makes it so much more fun and can be quite entertaining once you invite some Staff to come on in & join in to learn the movements!!! You'll all have a ball - believe me!! The idea is to have fun, be silly,...and laugh!!
Sharon 12th Jun 2019 Activities Director
There are several chair exercise programs on Youtube. Take a look at a few and decide which are right speed and type for your group. We play them on a big TV paired with an ipad if you have Apple TV or Roku or on a smart TV
Susan 12th Jun 2019 Activity Director
Thank you Sharon for that information this may be helpful to Bev
Susan 13th Jun 2019 Activity Director
Here are some other ideas that might want to try

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