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Maria 7th Sep 2014
does anybody have an idea o how to put on a ballroom dance and have some professionals coming in to do some of their ball dancing steps? who should one approach? I also would like to have the men's shed for male work and!
Maria J
Kim 9th Sep 2014 Registered Nurse
Maria J,does your town or city have a dance studio,if so contact them and they quite often are willing to give a demo.Youg chilren dancers are also very good and very popular with the elderly,especially if they have time time to stay and talk about their dancing.Regards Kim
maryrose mintoff 9th Sep 2014 recreation Therapist
Hi Maria we have a local Ballroom group that come once a month to dance for us and if the Residents wants to join in they are welcome too but they love watching them,So find out if you have a local group in your area,
We have started bringing a gentleman that does leather work with our gentle men they love it even the women wants to join in .Good luck Maria.
Vikki 9th Sep 2014 Recreation/leisure&lifestyle. Also massage and aromatherapist..
Hi Maria,
I have previously contacted local schools, dance studios, and senior citizens groups for entertainment for resident functions. Also look in your local paper for adult dance classes, sometimes these groups are happy to demonstrate for free just for the practice. Put together a ball room dance focus group or small committee from volunteers or interested family members. This will help you delegate the work load and give yourself a couple of months for planning. Advertise on your billboard or in the newsletter for donations and volunteers to help on the day or night.
For Ideas and help for a mans work shop go to your local bunnings they have a work shop group that will come out, and they are excellent for project ideas and for off cuts in timber.
Have fun.
Rosemary 1st Mar 2015 Team leader day program
Hi just wanted to say we did this but I asked if some dances could be chair based as a lot of our clients want to dance but don't have their balance. We did NutBush & hokey Pokey & a few others. Often we use this as exercise.
Kymberly 10th Mar 2015 Activities Coordinator
I have been working on this idea Rosemary - 'seated dancing' to music doing dances that residents would be familiar with. One site I've found to play with is I've been thinking about using the idea of tap dancing to songs like 'raindrops keep falling on my head', and doing the cha-cha for a bit of an up-beat version to 'sway' by Dean Martin. Perhaps giving them a boa to include arm movement. 'Shall we dance' is the popular cha-cha i had in mind, using maracas. Please share ideas. Cheers, Kym

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