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Brian 20th Aug 2021 Activities Coordinator
Hi can anybody out there advise me on a good site or educational video on sexuality in aged care mainly for staff but also residents.
Has anyone had to address this, how did it go.
need to be Australian so we can cover what the agency requires.
Many thank in advance Brian Hansell northern NSW.
Susan 21st Aug 2021 Activity Director
Hi Brian
I am not from Australia
Are you asking if residents are doing sexually inappropriate things if they are trying to be sexual with the staff and vice versa??
This article may help you
Susan 21st Aug 2021 Activity Director
Hi again Brian
You may want to ask this question in Golden Carers Facebook group
Lowana 20th Sep 2022 Leisure & Lifestyle Manager
Hi Brian, I found a really good free one on Dementia Training Australia. Think its called Sexuality in Aged Care

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