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Yunue 22nd Aug 2021 Recreational Aid
Hello everyone, I'm new in this , and I recently started working as a recreational aid, but I'm honestly overwhelmed, Idk how to start, I didn't have any training and I was just told to do the calendar for September, but I'm honestly struggling alot. I fuou guys can help me , I will really appreciate it. Thank you
Susan 23rd Aug 2021 Activity Director
Hi Yunue
What type of residents are you working with??
Are you able to speak with residents to see what they like to do??
Golden Carers has many resources
You need to know the ability of residents and their likes and dislikes
Here are 2 Great Pl. to start
Do you need help using this tool??
Here are some sample calendars that others have used
Let us know the specifics by of your situation so I can provide more help

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