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Wendy 12th Apr 2013 Recreation Activities Officer
ideas for Men's group. Very limited in movement and cognition.
Marie 9th Jan 2021 Team Leader Social Welleness Centre
Hi Wendy centres have a large number of men with limited cognition, and or mobility. besides quizzes I struggle to find something they would enjoy. Most of them are there to give their wives respite and simply are not motivated to do anything, I also have a predominantly femaie staff. Men's background a broad range of interests as well some like golf, all like sports, some were white collar and others blue collar workers.
Susan 10th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Hi Wendy and Marie
Golden Carers has many ideas for men’s groups
You are right it is hard motivate men to do activities look these through and see if there’s anything that might help you
I do not know if you saw one of the answers I gave to Tina about PVC pipes for an activity here is the link
Look at the second response I gave her
Maybe this would work for you
I found food to be a great motivator
Let us know what you come up with
Susan 11th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Hi again Wendy and Marie
Here are two things that we used to do
We had a veterans group that met once a month for a coffee and donuts and discussion
We also had a weekly breakfast where The kitchen would provide wonderful food which the residents loved
Also if I didn’t have a Lotta men coming to the activity I would say that the activity is sponsored by the men’s club
Butothers are invited to attend
This way you do not plan activity with no one showing up
Since you have some married couples there perhaps you can have special dinners for them especially for holidays like Valentine’s Day
Others who have spouses living in the community perhaps you can invite them to the special dinners as well
It is a great marketing tool
Fiona 12th Jan 2021
Just a few suggestions for you Wendy, they may be helpful to some of your clients: nuts n bolts-large 3 to 4-inch bolts with matching nuts and washers. I gave them to clients who were from mechanic and engineering backgrounds. I place them in a deep tray and put them on their laps (you may need to separate them in sections for some clients) then ask the client to match them up however they can, ready for me to use later.
Football match: this can be used for a mixed capability group of clients. Laminate pictures of different football teams' shields A4. Laminate smaller sizes of the names of those teams, pictures of very famous footballers from those teams in the era of those clients you are playing with, the name of the football grounds, and the team's nickname. Place them on some artificial grass. Ask clients to match them up. This is a tactile, visual, social, and cognitive activity. I have used this format for other subjects according to the clients that attend for example cars; I place them on gravel and instead of shields I use the car's emblem and miniature models of the cars. All sensory and thought-provoking
Susan 13th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Wow Fiona
Thanks for this information it should be very helpful
You could use these pictures
There are many topics that have pictures that you could use also
Marie 13th Jan 2021 Team Leader Social Welleness Centre
thanks Fiona..
Leaann 15th Jan 2021 Activity Director
I've done Men's Coffee Social

Men's Popcorn and football

I pulled all the Men together to make care packages for Troops over seas. (My vendors all supplied the items to go in the carepackages and I contacted the Blue Star Moms non-profit who provided the boxes and mailed them for us! Completely no out of pocket for us!
Susan 15th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Wow Leaann
that is great
Thanks for sharing your ideas
How did you get your vendors to donate items for free??
Kim 16th Jan 2021 Activities Director
I am just starting a regular men's program this month. I am doing "vintage sports:" I have a DVD of Game 7 of the 1960 World Series, Yankees vs. Pirates. I showed a game from the 1975 World Series around Father's Day, and I had a good response. I also have planned a "model cars" group, and I got some easier-to-assemble model cars for the guys to work on together. I will also do some simple leather-working. Other than that, I need ideas, too! Some great ideas here! Thanks to all!
Susan 17th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Hi Kim
This sounds great
Thank you for sharing
Jennifer 20th Apr 2022 Activities
I have a memory lane trolley that i set up with different themes for the men
tools i went to local cheap £1 shop and got a hammer, tape measure, spirit level, screwdriver and pencil it was a good visual aid to then start them talking.
another idea is i stole from my dad was a proper shoe care kit had the polish and brushes with cloth to shine shoes.

Susan 20th Apr 2022 Activity Director
Hi Jennifer
Thank you for your great ideas
King Island 24th Apr 2022 ADC
Hi Wendy,

You could get a tools magazine and see how many of the tools the guys can recognise and ask them if they have ever used those tools and how they work and describe how they feel/sound when they are being used such as vibration or loud screeching.

I used to work for our local neighbourhood house that has a Men's Shed attached to it. They would receive via email a newsletter called The Shedder - It's from the Australian Men's Shed Association you can sign up for it and if memory served me right it comes out every 3 months.
Susan 25th Apr 2022 Activity Director
Hi King Island
This sounds very interesting
Thank you for sharing

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