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Tina 8th Jan 2021 Lifestyles Director
this site is by far the absolute best I've seen when it comes to so many programs. I use activity connection for ideas, but this site is so much better.

I work in Memory care. Very new to it. I've always worked in Assisted living, and the residents in my care are in the advanced stages, and it's really hard at times to come up with age appropriate programs, unfortunetly sometimes I have to plan kid like programs that they can do.

My question is what type of vocational programs can you share?

Susan 9th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Hi Tina
I agree this site is better than others I have seen and been part of
It is certainly more cost-effective
I am not sure exactly what you are talking about when you say vocational programs
Even if you design kids like activities make sure that they are geared towards adults for example if you do Doll therapy use the ideas here
There are also any other good links in this article

Sometime having residents do tasks like folding sorting setting the table untangling knots making pom-poms have worked for me
You can have a laundry basket with items that need to be folded
Let me know what other programs you want to try
I like sing-alongs that’s not really a vocation
I also like having residents sit at a table and let each one do what they are capable of doing for example one might be coloring the other one might be doing word searches one might be fiddling with items in front of them
One might be pushing down on a top
Some might be playing with playing cards or dice
Remember you or another staff member are the facilitator that brings the group
The staff member talks to each resident and shares what other residents are doing with them
Remember to talk with each resident as if they were adults even if they do not make sense to you
You can say I can tell by your smile that you think whatever you think they’re thinking
You can ask another resident what he thinks about what another person is doing again you facilitate the conversation
I hope this makes sense to you
As I said before let me know what other help I can be
Susan 9th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Hi again Tina
I thought of a few other things
Looking at books and magazines
Also you can buy PVC pipe or have maintenance department get it and cut it into 3 to 5 inch pieces
By the elbows joints and ts of the same size
Now you can make an activity especially for men putting together the PVC pipe pieces with the ts etc.
Solange 10th Jan 2021 Diversional Therapist
Hi Tina, here are other ideas for residents with advanced cognitive issues: A pile of fabric on top of a table where 3 or 4 residents are sitting; choose fabrics (new or old) in different textures: silk, wool, organza, lace, cotton, crepe, chenille, chiffon, cashmere, jersey, leather, spandex, taffeta, etc. Request donations from residents' relatives and staff from your monthly newsletter. The fabric should be cut in lengths that residents would have the urge to fold after feeling the fabric, (40cm or 15 inches). 'Feeling' may bring specific emotions, and a sense of calm and coziness. Many will reminisce of happy times gone by and some may get teary for the same reason. Place the fabric within reach of everyone on the table. Supervision is necessary. Another idea is sensory activities: ask a group of residents to identify herbs and kitchen spices. You may play a guessing game with fruit (cut the fruit into small pieces and let residents taste and name the fruit (hide the whole fruits from them).
Also, Montessori-based activities are specific for advanced dementia: puzzles (28 pieces maximum), gardening, singing, exercise, etc. Montessori activities are mostly one-one and you would need volunteers. Take a look at these links.

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