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Barb 2nd Nov 2021 Senior Activity Coordinator
Good afternoon all; Made my calendar for November, but can not get that dotted line off around the month November word. Help......
Talita 2nd Nov 2021
Hi Barb, on what page does this dotted line appear? It could be that it's just a line showing you the space for text and that it doesn't actually print out like that.
Barb 4th Nov 2021
hi Talita I tried to get rid of it, it does not disappear after the text is in the spot
Barb 8th Mar 2022
I did figure out the dotted line, i had to highlight the whole first line then delete. LOL only took 3 months of calendar planning, to figure it out.
Maurice 8th Mar 2022
Hi Barb!

Ahh, you must be talking about the white box border around the calendar Year/Month name with the dotted lines.

Yes these are a little tricky to remove, good job figuing that out! We are looking at adding an option to remove the entire heading in a future update as I've seen the extra space can be preferrable.

Thanks for letting us know!

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