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SueTanz 7th Dec 2021 Diversional Therapist
Good afternoon - I'm after any ideas for group activity - we play dominoes, card bingo, picture bingo, rummikub, scrabble, musical bingo, normal number bingo , I would love any ideas you have used to play at a table for around 8/9 residents at a time . The games need to be age appropriate and middle of the road for all abilities with help.
many thanks
sue - diversional therapist NZ
Susan 8th Dec 2021 Activity Director
Hi Suetanz
What comes to mind right away is Bunco
It is an easy game with no skill needed and residents of most abilities can play
The game can easily be modified and adapted for almost any group
I still play bunco with a group of seniors who are not in a facility and we have a great time
We play with eight people
Another idea is name that tune
How About family feud or finish the song title
What about math games
There are many dice games and card games you can play
There are just so many games you can play
I am going to market
you could do a craft activity
Cooking activity
If you need more detail on any of these or any more ideas let me know

Debbye 9th Dec 2021 Activity Director
I just did the left and right game where you take small prizes and wrap them in saran wrap into a ball. You read the poem that goes with it. I found it on this site. The residents pass the ball back and forth trying to get a prize. They loved it.
Susan 15th Dec 2021 Activity Director
Hi Debbye
Thank you for this
Pam 22nd Dec 2021 Activity Director
Debbye we did the left and right game it took a few tries for some of the residents to understand but after all of them figured it out they loved it.
Our facility is called Tishomingo Community Living Center. We play TCLC says, it is like the TV show America Says. I make up the questions, ask staff to provide answers, and then ask residents to match what the staff says. We have sing-a-longs, I can not carry a tune but I will sing with them. We do cornhole tournaments, we will celebrate different national days, and we do a crafters corner. We did a egg roll tournament during Easter and the resident loved it, now it is added most every month. There are months we do a science project.
Nancy 23rd Dec 2021 Activity Program Supervisor
Hi Susan, have you tried a game of scattegories with the residents? I do a Pub Fun once a week with a trivia game , the residents love it.
Susan 24th Dec 2021 Activity Director
This sounds like a good idea thank you

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