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Sarah 11th May 2022 Executive Director
Good afternoon everyone!

I am a new Executive Director of an association that has a day programming for blind and visually impaired men and women ages 51 - 96.

I have been hired to redesign this amazing agency that has been providing free services to the blind and visually impaired for the past 112 years. As I am new to working with the blind and visually impaired so I was wondering if anyone had any activities that we could use for the time they are here. They are a wonderful group of interesting, independent and fun loving people who live on their own.

Thank you! I really appreciate your support.


Susan 11th May 2022 Activity Director

Hi Sarah
I think these articles and comments will help you

Also I think items need to be labeled in large dark print
Try to use the other senses

It also depends on what is there now
Have You contacted the commission for the blind because they have some great ideas
I suspect most of the people who come qualify to get services from them
Also there is probably a library that is for the visually impaired and also has braille items
Beverly 12th May 2022 Therapeutic Recreationist
Hi there
I had the privilege of working with some visually impaired and hearing impaired at an adult day program. The clients are your greatest resource.I would test things and trial and ask for feedback and tweak the program for the next time. Listening to sounds of the season ,music ,animal sounds worked well ,scent related activities , touching tactile pluse for hearing impaired visual with text . If we were running a quiz game I would put buzzers in front of them to buzz in with the answer so much fun! Screaming with laughter. Great fun and good luck! Bev Latour
Susan 12th May 2022 Activity Director
Hi Bev
This sounds great thank you for sharing it
Sarah 19th Jul 2022 Executive Director
Thank you so much. I will look into your suggestions. They are greatly appreciated.
Hope you all have a great day!
Best regards,

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