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kirsten 2nd Jun 2022 Activities Coordinator
Hi all. I'm seeking some help with an activities care plan for a resident who is palliative care, our care plans include spiritual/physical/social/intellectual & community goals and objectives. I've never had to do one for a resident who is at end of life so I'm hoping someone out there is able to assist. Any help/ suggestions or comments would be much appreciated.
Susan 5th Jun 2022 Activity Director
Hi Kristen
Here Is some information about care plans on Golden Carers
This article may help you also
I wrote my care plans a little differently
I had three columns
Column one
I would start with several problems or statements about the person
Column two
Then I would talk about interventions
Column three
More than likely you won’t will not have to include each thing you mentioned
I am sure spiritual may be
very important
May be intellectual why are you include Indepedent leisure activities
Community might include the visitors this person gets from the community or your volunteer visits
Person may be on hospice care or not but if so should be included in the care plan as to what they do or what problem they solve
If you give me more details about what this person does I could help you further
Each facility has their own format which you probably have to use
When describing things to me you may be able to formulate your own care plan
Let me know if you need further help
kirsten 9th Jun 2022 Activities Coordinator
Thank you so much Susan for the goldencarers links. I have found them very help for other residents but the person I need to do the care plan for. My resident has no family, no contacts I can ring to asks the necessary questions. Sleeps almost all day, is peg feed, and is non communitive. So far I have read to him from a memories magazine, kept his finger nails neat and trimmed, given hand massages and used a essential oil diffuser. I also make a point of stopping by just to say hello before and after my shifts. I document all of this in his progress notes. I'm sure I could implement what I do into a care plan. Thanks again.
Susan 10th Jun 2022 Activity Director
Yes Kristen
Sounds like you are doing a lot for him
I assume he gives you some indication of his enjoyment of what you are doing
Maybe he smiles maybe he squeezes your hand maybe he nods Maybe he opens his eyes or his mouth
Goal might be to have him do one of these things or what ever he does three times a week or whatever
To me it sounds like you are doing a great job

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