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Sandra 5th Jul 2022
I love the finish the proverbs/saying game. I would like to run this game at an independent community. If I laminate the sayings, cut off the "answer", pass out the cards, then does the person with the answer raise their hand or do all the seniors yell out the answer. Please explain more in detail how this is played.
Susan 5th Jul 2022 Activity Director
You can play it any way you want to or what the residents respond to best
Like many activities on this site you need to adapt and modify them so they satisfy the needs of your residence
Sandra 12th Jul 2022
Hi Susan,
What I meant was I don't know how this game is played. Can you explain it in detail to me? Thank you so much.
Susan 12th Jul 2022 Activity Director
Hi Sandra
In other words, you can say the beginning of a proverb and let a particular resident answer the question or you can pose it to the whole group.
I like to let everyone have a turn so I try to say, "why don't we give someone else a chance to answer" and then if they need help you can help them.
I sometimes would have teams and call it team trivia. There are many ways yo can play the game.
Beth 21st Jul 2022 Life Enrichment Coordinator
I have my residents sit in a circle and I will read the common saying and have them yell out the answer. The competition to get it out first is a great incentive to join in. If I am able to get to the end of the saying before they yell I will say "blank". As with songs it is amazing how these common phrases are back in their mind somewhere and they feel successful when they can finish the phrase.
Susan 29th Jul 2022 Activity Director
Thank you for the information
Sandra 30th Jul 2022
would it be better for raising hands with answer instead of yelling out the answer? Or how about writing answers down on paper?

Susan 30th Jul 2022 Activity Director
Hi Sandra
Raising hands may work but residence tend to shout out answers
I like recognizing the person shouting out the answer but I say let’s let someone else have a turn
Call the quiet person by name and ask them the answer
They probably will repeat what was said by others but at least this gives another person a chance
If this does not work ask one of the residents who shouo out the answer to help the quiet person
Again mention The quiet person by name and ask the other person to help this person
Linda 1st Aug 2022 Recreation Therapist
This is a great idea for those residents who are still able to read
I like to encourage - courage in the residents by creating a competitive edge, not stating a answer is incorrect, but acknowledging it was a great answer from that person answering, and not singling out anyone to answer
Everyone sits in a group setting and I take my arm roaming from one side of the group to the other to encourage answers from both sides of the group
Caroline 2nd Aug 2022 Activities Coordinator
I laminated the sayings and then cut them in half, gave all residents a few halves each and scattered the rest on the table and they matched them up with the half a saying that they had.
Susan 3rd Aug 2022 Activity Director
Hey Linda
Thank you for sharing this with us
Susan 3rd Aug 2022 Activity Director
Hi Caroline
Thank you for sharing what you do
Caroline 3rd Aug 2022 Activities Coordinator
Your very welcome Susan.

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