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Rebecca 29th Jul 2022 Activities Assistant In LTC
I have not yet done a sensory session activity. What are some ideas after picking the 2 to 3 sensory categories to engage residents or just to get this type of activity going?
Diane 29th Jul 2022 Activity Therapist
Hi there you could try a sensory bag placing various types of materials,ie wool,felt, etc residents can try and guess what the items are , food tasting activity and smells of old perfumes , soaps,aftershave etc that brings back memories.i hope this inspires you and helps. Diane xx
Susan 30th Jul 2022 Activity Director
Hi Rebecca
This depends on your residents
You will have to see what they’d like
Depending on the group of people you have it may not be that obvious especially if they have dementia
Here is a list of all the activities that golden Carers has
I’d like an activity that involves food or drink because most respond to that
It also depends on how many people are going to be in a group or if it’s just one to one
Touch is also a good thing but it is hard to do with a group
Doing some thing with the music goes outside he good idea
Could also do groups with a theme depending on the time of year or time day or whenever you want
Let me know if you have any more questions and if you can give me some specifics
Susan 30th Jul 2022 Activity Director
Hi Diane
Great ideas
Thank you for sharing them
Michelle 3rd Aug 2022 Activities Director
I have an activity I call " The Senses" we do activities to utilize all "The Senses" like scent guessing, homemade bread, hand massage with Aromatherapy etc
Susan 4th Aug 2022 Activity Director
Hi Michelle
Thanks for sharing this
Do you have a theme when you do it or is it just random??
Steven 7th Aug 2022 Activity Director
We did a shaving cream art, they loved it
Michelle 7th Aug 2022 Activities Director

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