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Debra 6th Aug 2022 Activity Director
Hello. I am new here, and in my position of AD (3 months), and I am looking for ideas for our staff appreciation party being put on by the residents. Not just nursing, but dietary, laundry and secretaries too. The residents would like to make food and gifts, which is great. We would also like to incorporate some type of activity, where a few people from each group, or even a group as a whole, would win large gift baskets. At first, we thought staff could bring in baby pictures and residents could guess who they were, but when we considered the amount of staff involved plus some of the residents couldn't participate we decided against it.
We have decided on supplying lunch of sandwich boxes for everyone, but that's all we've come up with so far. If anyone has done something like this, or has any ideas I would be greatly appreciative.
Thank you in advance!
Deb Kuck
Janine 7th Aug 2022 Program Manager
Pinterest is good for these kind of things
Susan 9th Aug 2022 Activity Director
Hi Debra
This is most ambitious of you
What type of facility do you work at??
We always had to worry about infection control so that the residents could never cook something for the staff
I do not know what things are like in your facility
Maybe you couldn’t have some sort of sale to raise money so you could buy some thing
I suggest giving each staff member some sort of certificate
You may want to have the residents perform for the staff
I always had a resident in coral group and they performed for special events
If you are interested I can post how I did it but you have to let me know
Perhaps you can use some of these
Perhaps you can use some of these
May have to modify these so they are appropriate
You may want to give each staff member AN invitation to come
May want to ask this question to Golden carers Facebook group
If you need any more help let me know with some specifics
You can also tell us how this event went when you do it
Esther 10th Aug 2022
Hello Debra, for staff appreciation I called on our 3rd party vendors and after all the donations I got gift bags and split up all the items so everyone could have a couple of gifts then I wrote thank you notes and placed them in the bags as well.
I also found a masseuse to come and give everyone 20-30 minutes massages.
I also did a "theme" gift and dress days. For example Monday was "I would be blue with out you" Everyone had to wear something blue and I passed out blue packets of orbit gum. "Thanks a latte" and I passed out iced lattes to everyone (we have a lot of coffee drinkers).
For more ideas you can check out Pinterest. Hope this helped!!
Debra 11th Aug 2022 Activity Director
Susan and Esther, you both have provided me with some excellent ideas! I have requested to join the Facebook group, which I didn't know about. Thank you! I have many vendors I believe would like to donate to our cause as well. I am excited to share everything with the residents at our next meeting. We have decided to have the event at the beginning of November, since it is the month of being thankful. I hope that we can make this as special when we have it, as we are picturing it in our head.

Thanks again!!

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