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Emma 16th Aug 2022 Activities Coordinator
monthly theme ideas

i need to come up with 12 monthly themes to cover
looking for inspiration and ideas ?
Dawn 17th Aug 2022 Service Coordinator
What about using the Arm Chair travel and cover a different country each month?
Susan 17th Aug 2022 Activity Director
Hi Dawn
Is a great idea
Susan 17th Aug 2022 Activity Director
Hi Emma
Oh I used to do a theme because of the holidays
January is national activity directors month so that’s good for January or you could do some thing about the new year
February has Valentine’s Day and Presidents’ Day
March has St. Patrick’s Day And is the beginning of spring
April is National volunteers month
May has Mother’s Day and Memorial Day
June is the beginning of summer
July has July 4
August has the dog days of summer
September school starts
October has Columbus Day and Halloween
November has Thanksgiving
December has Christmas and Hanukkah
There are little known day is so might want to look at that as well

Golden Carers also has plenty of ideas
Restvale 24th Aug 2022 lifestyle & volunteer coordinator
Hi from OZ.
We have just done a two week wedding theme. We decorated the facility with wedding dresses and men's suits from residents, families and staff all bringing in their garments. One dress was from 1929! We had photo and decoration displays. All our activities were themed around wedding stuff. Bingo we used fancy buttons, we conducted small group conversations centered around weddings, brain games and quizzes were wedding themed and at the end of the two weeks we had a full on wedding reception with a wedding cake, staff dressed in wedding dresses, residents dressed up in their good clothes, tables were set, music on, etc. Limitless as to what you can do. I follow the months of the year like what Susan above does.
January - Australia Day.
Feb - Valentines Day.
March - St Patrick's Day. Easter
April - Easter Anzac day in Australia.
May - Mothers Day
June - Queens Birthday holiday
July - Nothing on so this is when we do a theme such as our wedding day.
August - Daffodil Day; this is a fundraiser for the Cancer Society of Australia. We have a morning tea/luncheon/afternoon.
September - Start of Spring for us! We also have fathers Day.
October - Octoberfest. A German theme.
November - We have the Melbourne Cup horse race. Big on our calendar. We also have Remembrance Day (for the wars).
December - Christmas.
We also do color days some months, encouraging the staff and residents to dress in different colors. Hope this all helps. Regards, Sallie.

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