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Marady 26th Nov 2022 Activities Director
Hi! New to my position in Activities and new to Golden Carers!

At our facility we have orientation for our new hires- each department head discusses our department- was wondering what fun things other facilities do at their orientations to make it more fun and interesting!
Susan 26th Nov 2022 Activity Director
Hi Marady
Have you seen this article?
I liked to reserve the fun things when I know they orientees are going to work out
This article may help you also
Bobbie 3rd Dec 2022 Carer/activity Assistant
Hello Marady,
I am in the same position as you, new to the Lesure and Lifestyle role, I have found a few things through this site and on the web, I have just introduced , balloon tennis (fly swats and balloons) our residents love this, as well as Ball drums, large exercise balls in a basket and music they can hit the beat too.
I have just purchased a set of three dice and looking for ideas, the dice are large around 12 inches square.

have fun Bobbie
Jen 13th Dec 2022 Activities, Social Day Program, Life Enrichment
Where did you purchase your baskets and balls? I have a very slim budget and would love to incorporate this!
Susan 19th Dec 2022 Activity Director
Hi Marady
Can you help Jan out?
I’d like purchasing things at dollar tree or another dollar type store
Also, Oriental Trading has some good buys

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