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Fiona Dart 8th Sep 2013 Recrecation Therapist
Hi, We have a exercise program where I work for the residents but I would like to buy a dvd for chair exercises for those days that im on holidays or sick. Does anyone know of any good ones & where to buy them from. Cheers
talita 8th Sep 2013
Hi Fiona,

We've had a lot of people inquiring about suitable exercise dvds.

Just letting you know that Golden Carers is currently producing a dvd of Gentle Chair Exercises. This will be available in October. We'll let everyone know when it's ready of course!

Thanks Fiona.
debbie 9th Sep 2013
I am also looking for suitable music for armchair exercises. At present I go through old C.Ds and pick out the best music with rhythm and suitable beats, but it is time consuming.

Thank you in advance for the C.D in October. I will be interested in purchasing it.
Cheers Debbbie
Madeleine 12th Sep 2013 Recreation Activites Officer
I run an exercise program and use a website that sells music for the fitness industy They have dedicated seniors music with a steady beat, the series is called Silver Sneakers and there are many to choose from.
Janida 12th Sep 2013 Div. Therapist Co-ord
Hi Fiona, I use a Scottish music CD, piano accordion, with jigs and reels. It has got a good toe-tapping beat, good for exercises. You can also try line-dancing music which has a strong 4-, 6- or 8-beat.
Jenny 13th Sep 2013 Rec Officer
Any of John McSweeny's CD's are great, the tempo is fairly regular and you have the added benefit of them knowing the songs and singing along, good for breathing. Good luck, Jenny
Amanda 13th Sep 2013
There is a DVD & CD of Sit Dancing which I use for exercises, you can check it out at
It's through Life Be In It

Joanne Parsons 14th Sep 2013 Occupational Therapy Student
At my workplace we use various chair based exercise DVD, the came from the Arthritis Foundation in Victoria and they can be ordered online through their website. We have found they work really well
debbie 16th Sep 2013

I have found it hard to get a music C.D for arm chair exercises. I have purchased a couple only to find it was not what I wanted. Can anyone recommend a title with music that has a good beat so we can do mainly sit down exercises. Jazz, rock 'N' roll, 50's or 60's music.
Thank you Debbie
kaye 19th Sep 2013 team leader
hi Fiona
have a great sit dancing DVD called " Best of Sitting Dances Kit from "Life .Be in it", gentle movement to music from a chair sitting position. Music is excellent- it has 14 dances to old time songs and all so comes with a CD, instructional cards with a step by step outline of the movements for each dance. Not sure of price but go to the Life be in it website. All my clients love it. Kaye
debbie 23rd Sep 2013
thank you,

this has helped me a lot as I contact life be in it last week for a list of the music on this C.D. As it was $90.00 with postage I didn't want to waste my money if the music was not suitable. However, they did not want to list the songs for me and stated it was their best seller.
Kaye, if you have sometime to list just a few of the songs for me I would be grateful, that way I will get a feel for the type and rhythm in the songs.

I am after a C.D that they can sit and tap feet, click fingers, arm movements that sort of thing.

Cheers Debbie
Peter 25th Sep 2013 Activities Coordinator
If you have an idea of what sort of music is appropriate I purchase what I need from iTunes. We have all different programs and I can create "Genius Playlists" Look up iTunes on Google it will explain further. If you or anyone requires more information am happy to post on this further. Technology is a vital resource for us !
Talita 28th Oct 2013
The Golden Carers Gentle Chair Exercises DVD is now available.


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