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Lynne 14th Sep 2013 Lifestyle Assistant
I would like to hear from people about group serenity sessions in dementia ( secure area) residential aged care that may last for 45 minutes. I am running out of ideas as many residents are at different stages.
dorothy 16th Sep 2013 diversional therapist
hi Lynn
a music therapy session is great have a song book for residents to follow have a special place to hold this so your not disturbed sing a hello song and ask each person to pick a song and everyone sing it together keep going around the group when you are finished sing a goodbye song , you will find everyone focused and some good meemories will come out in conversation also the calm and happy feelings last for some time after the session i do this and it works amazingly well good luck .
patricia 16th Sep 2013 Recreational Activity Officer
Depends on the level of dementia, gardening is always a good idea. Or have a sensory session using herb plants and leaves of citrus trees, have the residents rub the levels and smell their fingers, if residents unable to do it by themselves get other staff or volunteers to help you.

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