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Freya 4th May 2023 Activities Therapist
I currently work in an LTC facility as an activities therapist and work on a unit of 42 residents ages ranging from 42-106 some with memory deficits. A lot of my residents prefer to participate in self-directed leisure pursuits as a result of the pandemic and social distancing. Any ideas on how I can reintroduce group programs to residents? Any program ideas or suggestions to try?
Susan 8th May 2023 Activity Director
Hi Freya
I suggest you have a resident council meeting and find out what the people want to do
It sounds to me like you are very good at writing notes so if people do not want to go to Activities, then you can write a note about that in the chart
In order to get people to come, food is always a good motivator and having a party such as the pandemic is over party might be a good idea
Here are other party ideas
You could send out invitations and in the invitation say how important it is to socialize

You could also have a sporting event which resident can watch where are you? Might serve pizza or some thing like that
Jen 8th May 2023 Activities, Social Day Program, Life Enrichment
Hi Freya,
I would start small and keep it simple. Maybe start with a small group- even just 2 or 3 to start and gradually add to 5 or 6 participants. Maybe also keep the activity short and sweet, but rewarding- flower arranging or repotting pansies or succulents if budget allows. A small "tea party" with a discussion (this day in history) or short game of Po-Ke-No or "card BINGO".
Another idea could be inviting an interested group to watch a travel video and supply a snack to sweeten the deal. My group likes the Rick Steves travel videos on You Tube. They're short, relaxing, and have beautiful scenery.
If weather allows, maybe sit outside with lemonade and play some music- a little mix of "who knows this song/name that tune" or sing- a-long. A walking club outdoors can be nice, too.

When they're comfortable moving into a larger group, some simple stretching classes, chair yoga, or balloon bop can get them moving.

A simple "free-form" art class with watercolors and flowers for inspiration.

Again- start small, encourage joining by suggesting you could use some help with set up and clean up (my group likes to do this), or encourage them to participate as a way of humoring you :) Good luck!
Shelley 9th May 2023 Recreation
We are also experiencing the same, some of our folks are needing some time to get used to socializing in groups again. We also recognized that their health has declined somewhat because of isolation. We are seeing the spark come back! love and time is what we all need.
Susan 9th May 2023 Activity Director
Hi Jen and Shelley
Thank you for your insightful input and perhaps you ladies would like the Amieu article that came out this week
Freya 17th May 2023 Activities Therapist
Thank you guys for all the great suggestions. We actually started by using on of the activities posted on this website and did a staycation to Mexico. We decorated the facility lobby and units, created an informational board about Mexico, served Mexican cuisine for dinner, an art therapy group making corn husk wreaths and flowers, invited a Mariachi band in to perform for the residents and handed out fans and sombreros, and had Zumba party. This was such a big hit and our residents were extremely happy.

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