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Gwen 14th Jul 2023 Activities Director
Hi there!
I am in a little bit of a struggle around my facility. I have a few physical activities such as chair yoga and a fit and fall proof class, but I don't have anyone but 1 or 2 residents who regularly show up. I don't mind that part, except that having them regularly scheduled gets in the way of some of the other activities I would like to plan that I know more residents would be interested in. I've tried hanging flyers, I've tried leaving notes in the dining room, and still only 1 or 2 residents show up each time.
Should I take off the physical activities that are not getting much attention, and replace them with something many residents would enjoy, or should I press on and continue working to gain more attendance? Sorry for the long post, but I thought this might be a good place to ask.
Thank you!
Susan 14th Jul 2023 Activity Director
Hi Gwen
I would replace the physical activities that you have with different more simple ones that incorporate movement and other things
What do most people like to do??
Here are some alternative exercises my try
I like to incorporate music
There are many things you can do different dances like Zumba
The chicken dance, the Macarena etc
If these are too difficult, modified them to make them easier
Here are some other suggestions
Give the exercise program a fancy name that is appealing to the residents
Ask potential participants for their input
Exercise is very important and explain that to the residents
If you need more help, let me know and let me know what programs you come up with
Miranda 20th Jul 2023 Director Of Recreation
I would take it off the calendar as your main activity. But, whenever you get residents all together for a group activity they all come to, always start those activities off with a quick 5 minute stretch, movement session, just to get the blood flowing! Play a song that's upbeat before each activity begins, and have them move around for the duration of that song. It's a quick way to get some exercise/movement incorporated into their day. Then, go about the regularly scheduled activity that they all enjoy.
Susan 20th Jul 2023 Activity Director
Hi Miranda
That is a good idea
Gwen 10th Aug 2023 Activities Director
Thank you both for your great ideas! I appreciate it!

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