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Janet 17th Jul 2023 Activities Director
Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and just found Golden Carers. We have Resident Led activities on the days I am off. What activities do you all have available your days off?
Susan 18th Jul 2023 Activity Director
Hi Janet
Resident led activities depend on the ability and cooperation of the leaders of the group and the participants
We played left right center and I gave Nickels to the nursing staff to give us prizes
There are many things that can be done such as a sing along
Card and or dice games

Discussion or reminiscing groups,

Religious groups
It really depends on the likes and needs of the residents who are leading and participants in these activities
I think a discussion with these people is in order so you can provide them with what they need to run the groups
When you have that information, iCan better direct you to the games and activities that will work
Tara 25th Aug 2023 Life Enrichment Manager
Unfortunately there are only a select few residents who will/could initiate self directed group activity, in our long term care home. With that being said, colouring club is one big draw in for residents.
Susan 5th Sep 2023 Activity Director
Hi Tara
Thank you for your input

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