Reminiscing and mental stimulation through socialising

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Kay 4th Mar 2019 Recreational Assistant
-We have a program on Friday at 10:30am called 'Snack and Chat' We provide a morning snack and cold/hot beverage. We usually have 2-3 topics and we go around the room asking each resident to share.
- On Mondays at 10:30am we have 'Small Bites'. I have a different recipe every Monday, do all the prep work of the food and the residents help to incorporate it all and when it is done, we eat and serve assorted beverages. On this day, I try to incorporate unfamiliar flavors/Cuisines (Thai, Greek, Japanese, Mexican etc...). Working in a small Assisted Living facility in Pennsylvania, majority of everyone was born and raised here, they are accustomed to Pennsylvania Dutch style food. I will usually highlight the country and talk about the flavors etc...
-On Thurs. we have 'Creative Cooking'. The residents assist from start to finish. We eat and have beverages and talk/ reminiscence about our past cooking experiences etc...
Sally 9th Oct 2014 Activities Coordinator
At our High Tea today I brought along a traditional wooden Japanese Toy and explained it. Then the discussion led to our first toys. It became a little controversial when one lady talked about her golliwog. But that's ok too.
Lynne 29th Jan 2014 recreational therapist
I brought my collection of antique/vintage Singer Sewing Machines in for one of our Ladies' Groups including an old hand crank machine. I also brought in the contents found in the drawers of my Garndmothers' treadle sewing machine. Little scraps of old lace, buttons, wooden handled screw drivers, elastic and even old hair pins were admired and chatted over. I now try to always have a little mystery something I've found in an Op shop or estate sale for each week for the Ladies to examine and chat about.
Shantell 16th Oct 2013 Lifestyle CoOrdinator
we call our womens group C.A.M.E.O, which stands for Come Along and Meet Every One, the ladies get together and have a cuppa and chat, its also great for new residents to meet and make friends
Maria 24th Sep 2013
Hi! I'm looking for an alternative title to replace "Ladies/Men's club" for some reason I'm not incline to this sort of description & I would like "Social discussion" ? sounds good? or you have something better . Thank you
Suzette 24th Sep 2013 Lifestyle Co-ordinator
We call our group 'Getting to Know You'
Kymberly 24th Sep 2013 Activities Coordinator
We call ours 'chit-chat', and its since became known as 'chit-chat coffee club' because a of course a cuppa is involved
Cheryl-ann 24th Sep 2013 Contract worker DT
Why not just social club, Maria. It is then open to anyone.
Liz 29th Apr 2010 Supervisor Recreation Therapy Program
What is an op-shop?
I like the themed talks with items to see and touch as reminders. Thanks.
Solange 29th Apr 2010 Diversional Therapist
Thank you for your feedback. An op-shop means: an opportunity shop or a Secondhand store or a Pre-loved store. It sells items previously owned by someone else.