A quiz about the games your clients or residents used to play and the toys they used. Play as a group, in teams, or to inspire reminiscence.

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Kelly 14th Jul 2021 Respite Facilitator
This one is so much fun, thank you!
Kevin 16th Dec 2019 Activities Co Ordinator
Thank you golden carers your quizzes are brilliant.
Talita 30th Dec 2019
Thank you so much for your feedback Kevin! Happy New Year!
Deanna 3rd Mar 2019 Activities Director
You forgot JACKS! Jacks was one of the great games that I played with my grandmother.
Jun 27th Feb 2019 Lead Activity Assistant
This is a very good memory game for our members and I will let them do some of those games right after the quizz, thanks for sharing
Kylie 26th Feb 2019 leisure and lifestyle officer
oh, and yes the staff tried to hula hoop. it was hiliarious
Kylie 26th Feb 2019 leisure and lifestyle officer
I used this last week, except I did a slideshow of pictures on the tv of all the games and then reminisced about the games we used to play
Christine 19th Feb 2019 Registered Diversional & Recreational Therapist
Get the staff involved, especially with the hula hooping, gets the residents really laughing.
Also remember to ask residents what other games they played, it gets them reminiscing and gives you good ideas for future activities.
Rosie 3rd Jan 2019 Activity Officer
I know my residents will love this...this will be a great talking point. Thank you so much for sharing. Rosie Morris AO
Vanessa 2nd Jan 2019 Activity Co-ordinator
Great this kept them all occupied this afternoon .
Talita 30th Dec 2018
This is such a great idea for a quiz, thanks so much for sharing!