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Kate 20th Aug 2023 Well-being Coordinator
Hi I am a well-being coordinator in a care home in Perth in Scotland . I love my job and I love this site it has so many great ideas . I am struggling right now trying to engage care staff with well-being as they are very task orientated. Any ideas on how to boost the staff and get them interested?
Susan 21st Aug 2023 Activity Director
Hi Kate
This article on Golden carers may help you
I know this is not an easy task
Kate 22nd Aug 2023 Well-being Coordinator
thank you so much for this I'm printing it off and going to have a discussion with my manager.
Diane 22nd Aug 2023 Activity Therapist
Hi Kate like yourself I work in homes in Scotland and I know how hard it is to get staff to engage,why not try and give the staff a project to be involved in along with the residents, we at the moment are doing a virtual cruise in our gardens our staff and residents chose their country and are planting flowers and designing the garden to go with the country, it's a competition which the staff are really getting into and have came up with some great ideas there now starting to think about xmas,good luck. Diane xx
Astley 23rd Aug 2023 Care Services Manager - Groups
Kate - hi l would love to connect with you - l am a Diversional Therapist/Team Leader at a Day Club in Perth - Australia - WA
Susan 23rd Aug 2023 Activity Director
Hi Diane
Thank you for sharing this lovely post
I am so glad that the staff is getting involved
Kate 4th Sep 2023 Well-being Coordinator
Hi Astley lovely to hear from you! I would love to connect with you and your folks at the day club and hear about what you do.
Astley 14th Sep 2023 Care Services Manager - Groups
Hi l would love to connect with you also - l am Team Leader (Diversional Therapist) in Perth also.

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