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Katja 12th Nov 2013 Recreation Activiites Officer
Does anybody have an outing policy/procedure so I could have a bit of an outline in how to set one up for my facility. Mine seems to be a bit out-dated.....
solange 13th Nov 2013
Hi Katja, Golden Carers has a couple of documents regarding Community Bus Outing, take a look at these links and see if it can help you. All the best.
Catalina M 18th Aug 2018 Activity Director
Thank You Its a big help Love you
all programs dedicate to our Senior.
You have my work lovely enjoyable and fun for them and myself.
Kimberly 11th May 2021
Does anyone have a form for extra charges to be billed for outings
Susan 12th May 2021 Activity Director
Hi Kimberly
I think you can adapt and modify this form because you probably will need the other information included in this form

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