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Michelle 6th Oct 2023 Activities Coordinator
Hi I've been told I have to do a monthly activity calendar.
No idea ,please help x
Suzannah 9th Oct 2023 Resident Wellbeing Manager
There are lots of examples of monthly calendars on here, have a look at the style you want and then at the demographics of your community.
Consider : full month or weekly? Large Icons with Pictures?
I suggest doing a quick survey of your residents to find out what kind of things they like to do. Have a look at their life stories, old assessments, program evaluations etc, and start your building block with a few Core groups.
Bingo, Hoy and Card Games - always a winner
Seated Exercises, Tai Chi, Yoga, Excercise with weights - Mornings
Walking Group - Mornings
You want to throw in a Craft of some sort, considering the time of year Card Making
Movie or Coffee Club.
Hope this helps

Susan 9th Oct 2023 Activity Director
Hi Michelle
Do you this link and at the end there is a video and at the end of that there are different icons you can push to get started
Pauline 10th Oct 2023 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi Michelle

I use the template in the calendar section from golden carers. It really helped me to set up the style and content we were looking for when we redesigned our newsletter.

Enjoy the ideas from them each month.
Susan 10th Oct 2023 Activity Director
Hi Susanna
Thank you for your suggestions
You are right there are many sample calendars on the site

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