This sample program is for acute Dementia care. Some people like to do it weekly, others monthly. Download the form and adjust it to suit you.
This is one of many free activities.
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This sample weekly program is for acute dementia care. Some people like present calendars weekly, others monthly. I tried to have a music program at least once daily.

One cannot underestimates the value of music in the lives of people living with dementia.

Download the form and adjust it to suit you. If you have an activity that works well for you I would love to hear about it!

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MALINDA 17th May 2023 Activities
Hi, I'm new to this Position and still learning new things. any suggestions would be a great help. I work with Alzheimer's & Dementia. Thanks in advance!
Susan 19th May 2023 Activity Director
Hi Malinda
You have a great start by looking at this sample calendar. In another comment. There is a link to other sample calendars.
But besides that first find out what the residents like to do or what they respond to
Here are some other ideas, and that would help to know if the group is early or late stage or a mixture
I always like music activities
It uses many parts of the brain
spiritual and sensory stimulation are great too
Feel free to ask more questions and give me more information so I can be a better help
Susan 3rd Aug 2022 Activity Director
Hi Sylvia
Yes this is a challenging group to work with
Perhaps you can look at other sample calendars
One or two of mine is in this group and what I did it is not put a specific time but rather early morning late morning early afternoon etc.
That way you’re not held to a specific time
Oh I like music activities because most people with dementia can still sing in fact they may not speak but they can sing
Also I’d like to play table balls and other balloon activities but make them really simple
Make sure to read the comments also
Sylvia Whitaker 2nd Aug 2022
Hi like the idea of a weekly program.I run the activities in a residential home..most of my seniors are at the end stage dementia...I try and do the group ideas..but mostly it's 1 on 1. Can you give me ideas that worked for your residents who are not mobile.That is they stay in the same chair or are in a wheelchair. I think I will change my routine from a week theme to a day theme. Also it's really hard..some days go like clock work and the next looks and feels like you have achieved nothing...all ideas are welcome,specially for the almost blind clients
and after 2pm is difficult to do activities. thanks
Brianna 17th Jan 2019 Recreation Coordinator
This is great! Do you have any more weekly programs created? I just see October 2012. Would love to use something like this at my facility.
Caz 2nd Sep 2014
Love this weekly programme, anyone have any more samples?? want to make sure I am covering all angles, ideally would like to cover a fortnight with different types of activities...

Kate 11th Feb 2013 leisure&Lifestyle assistant
i've worked in various facilities and i've noticed that most residents in the hostel area and Dementia Specific enjoy helping with domestic activities from making beds, washing and drying dishes, baking - mixing ingredients, hanging and folding washing, folding napkins, help setting up activities etc. They feel needed and a have a sense of self worth.kate
Wendy 16th Sep 2010 Recreational Therapist
I have observed day care residents in Dementia Care respite cottage who are no longer verbal, singing and also following the printed words and thoroughly enjoying themselves. Music WORKS. Wendy N
MARYANN 8th Sep 2010 Diversional Therapist/Lifestyle Manager
hi can someone please send me a copy of their weekley program would luv a few- for ideas its for 6-7 day program for HOSTEL RES.thanks MARYANN
Kellie-Anne 17th Jun 2010 Personal carer Assistant
great program !!
Marina 23rd May 2010 Diversional Therapist I/T
I am in level 3 Dementia, I agree singalong is
a great activity, for the ones that dont sing they
play musical instruments, shakers, bells etc. I've even learned how to play the ukelele, and that certainly livens things up. Marina
Solange 24th May 2010
Hi marina, Congratulations on your dedication! Learning the Ukelele
to enliven things up! Well done
Nicola 9th Jun 2018
I'm trying to learn Ukulele too it would be so much easier if I didn't have to keep changing chords! I have to play everything so slowly and you can still spot the changes...
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