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Joanne 29th Mar 2024 Life Enrichment Director
I've been pulling together April and May Daily Chronicles, The past few months, both the Spanish and English version are the same. However April, they are different, and when I went to print May's Spanish version, it is coming in English. I like that they are the same, since I use these for a morning activity, and my few Spanish speakers were able to follow along. Now they can't since they don't match
Talita 30th Mar 2024
Hi Joanne, thanks for your message. There are 2 English versions for each month and the first edition should match the Spanish version for that month.

April English Edition 1:

April English Edition 2:

I have fixed the problem with the May Spanish version, thanks for letting us know!
Judy 3rd Apr 2024 Diversional Therapist
I use This Day in History every day. The residents really enjoy it. Especially the quotes and the jokes. I include it when I read the newspaper. It's a great add-on and promotes other discussions.
Talita 8th Apr 2024
Thank you so much for your feedback Judy!

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