A reminiscing magazine for every day in April!  Enjoy a full page of information about every day of the year, including important historical events, short bios, jokes, quotes, and fun brain teasers.

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Isaac 18th Apr 2024 Patient Care Manager
Thank you so much for this site... we are way up North in Canada run out of ideas, the staff have truly been utilizing this site. Programs are a whole new level as well as the motivation from the team.
thank you
Margaret 2nd Apr 2024 CHSP CoOrdinator
OMG I'm loving everything about this site.
It's a godsend to all of us. Thank you so much for caring enough about us Activity workers
To do all this behind the scenes work, to make our and our clients/residents lives happier and easier. Thank you just doesn't seem enough!
Susan 3rd Apr 2024 Activity Director
Thank you for your kind words Margaret
Iris 19th Feb 2024 Valeo Coordinator for Memory Care
Hi everyone! Very excited becoming a member and using all theses great ideas for my residents.
Talita 19th Feb 2024
Thanks so much for your feedback Iris!
Judy 8th Apr 2022 Lifestyle Director
this is my first day very excited about using and getting new ideas
Talita 8th Apr 2022
Welcome to the community Judy!