One by one we fall from heaven,
down into the depths of past
And our world is ever upturned...

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annette 25th Mar 2015 age care
this be new came for us in day centre , cart wait to tree it in next month quiz thank you

Rebecca 1st Apr 2014 Recreation Therapist / Carer
Love the riddles..looking forward to more!
rose 18th Mar 2014 personal carer
really like this one i am going to start this one tonight and hope the residents enjoy doing it
Jennifer 30th Aug 2013 Recreational Activities Officer
We love these riddles!!!! We have solved all three, are there any more to come?
Carol 14th Mar 2013 Diversional Therapist
Thank you for all the wonderful activity suggestions you make available to us. Thanks. Carol
lyn 9th Mar 2013 recreation therapist
I am going to give this fun riddle a go with my very high care group and will let you know how I pass with them. Cheers. Lyn.