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Cheryl-Lee 6th Mar 2019 Recreational Activities Officers
Wow my printer & laminator are working overtime.
I love everything about Golden Carers. I am in the process of putting together quiz books etc for our SCU. I printed a few off and one of our nurses wants more. She said she has a large group of residents that love doing these. We have two ends of our unit that are both very busy,so I will have a book printed either end. It is so great our nurses are wanting to get involved, as an Activity Officer it truly does lighten the load when we work as, one team one dream and Golden Carers is enabling us to do just that.
Thanks Heaps
Diane 12th May 2017 Activity Coordinator
I played this with our residents yesterday and they had a great time! Thank you for the idea.
Talita 15th May 2017
So great to hear Diane! Thanks for the feedback.
Kerrie 24th Aug 2016 Administration
Thankyou this a great quiz.
Talita 26th Aug 2016
Thanks Kerrie!
Monica 23rd Aug 2016 Social Worker - Aged Care
thank you I think our clients will enjoy this very much
Talita 23rd Aug 2016
Thanks for your feedback Monica!
Satomi 29th Dec 2015 Carer / Activity Coordinator
Giving a clue in answers makes more playable and more elderly can participate to answer. I like it!