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Jodie 5th Dec 2013 Diversional Therapist
Hi All
Long time member first time qustion asker. I am really struggling with ideas to celebrate Chinese New Year for 2014. The clients are not active and prefer to be "entertained" from their seats. I have a limited budget of $180.00. Can anyone offer suggestion Please?
Thank you
Michelle 6th Dec 2013 Recreation Activities Officer
Making chinese dragons and lanterns if they are able to do this craft. Chinese musician or entertainer - ask the families for contacts.
Fiona 6th Dec 2013 Recrecation Therapist
Hi Jodie, we had a trivia evening for Chinese New Year & it was fantastic. Some dressed up & we had 6 to a table & a volunteer to help with the questions. With 10 question per round with 4 rounds. And bonus rounds which are for fun. U get to win 10 points, it could be a treasure hunt that the volunteers need to find something. We had supper which was fried rice, spring roll & everyone got a fortune cookie. Visit a cheap shop & do a lucky door prize with Chinese items in mind. The residents still talk about it & we had a Halloween trivia night also.
Kaye 7th Dec 2013 Diversional therapist
Hi Jodie,
we make Chinese lanterns and hang them around the dining room with paper chains made from recycled paper, I also buy fortune cookies which are a lot of fun. I make a poster of pictures taken from magazines of each country we celebrate through the year, it is a good activity in its' self for some clients and I put them up around the walls.
Hope this helps
Solange 7th Dec 2013 Diversional Therapist
Hi Jodie,
If I had your budget I would try to get one or two of the following:
1 - Tai Chi Dancing instructor, it is a form of martial arts; the instructor dresses for the occasion and demonstrates martial arts movements with a sword and other instruments.
2 - Chinese martial arts demonstration; very interesting and visually stunning.
3 - Chinese masseur to demonstrate massage therapy, perhaps on a staff member; this is also rather interesting.

Other than that a Chinese documentary from your local Library or a stunning Chinese movie 'Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon; specially if you have a large TV.
I Hope this helps.
Wendy 9th Dec 2013 Lifestyle Manager
Hi Jodie
if you have a school near you ask the Art Coordiantor if they can help by making a dragon in their art classes fro you
, I have done this and it was a great relaitonship
Alos find out about your local chinese community and contact them for dance group, I have arranged this for 2014, it did cost $200 but was $400
You may need to discuss your budget with your manger
Jodie 10th Dec 2013 Diversional Therapist
Thank you all for your suggestions. It has given me plenty of ideas
patricia 14th Dec 2013 Recreational Activity Officer
Hi Jodie
The new Chinese new year is the year of the horse. You can look up your residents year of birth and find out what the year of the horse means to them
I f you are going to use lanterns make sure they are the chinese lanterns for the new year not the moon festival

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