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Lorraine 13th Dec 2013 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi was wondering if anybody knows where l could get a hold of a indoors mat for indoors lawn bowls????
Carol 17th Dec 2013 Leisure and Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi Lorraine 18th Dec 2013
If you ring your local bowling club they may have an old one you can buy or some of them donate to facilities. I purchased one from our local club for $100.00 in very good condition. they donated two sets of bowls, a measuring tool and a hoop with a handle to collect the balls with. Hope this will help you.
Sheena 17th Dec 2013 OTA
I was able to get one from a team who bowled at a senior citizen centre. They were going to buy a new one as this one was worn. It is still in great condition and suits our needs. We paid a small amount to them for it.
Susan 17th Dec 2013 Lifestyle Cordinator
Check out the local bowling clubs who are having synthetic greens installed , they may have a bit left over which is long enough.
Wendy 17th Dec 2013 Activities Co-ordinator
Hi Lorraine, our residents enjoy carpet bowls twice a week and they are very competative. We have had our mat for many years, it was donated by the Coomealla club which is near Mildura. Hope you have success in locating one.
Sharon 18th Dec 2013 Lifestyle co-ordinator
Hi, We have tried to find carpeting but to no avail. I bought carpeting at Bunnings which was too narrow. Our handy man stuck the two pieces together with special carpet tape and it works perfectly. Cost us about $50. Sharon
Jodie 25th Dec 2013 Diversional Therapist
Hi Lorraine
In my honest opinion I would worry about a mat. I have found that they are more trouble than benefit, trip hazard and huge WHSO as it very heavy lifting for staff. I now use the existing floor and make out the necessary lines with masking tape. Hope this helps

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