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Lance 3rd Feb 2014 Senior volunteer, lead men's group in Assisted living
Can you send me more ideas for subjects for a men' s group I lead for men in an assisted living facility? I have a problem in regards to one of the men who is very active in coming to our men's group.
He enjoys being with other men and the topics that I've been able to come up with so far he's enjoyed every one. But he is visually impaired which does prevent a challenge for me to come up with ideas that he can and be included in as well and enjoy. I would appreciate any help you could give me in helping me come up with some ideas for my men' s group that will include something that will be beneficial for this visually impaired man.
Thanks for all your help,
Lance Raygor
Solange 4th Feb 2014 Diversional Therapist
Hi Lance,

There are quite a few options for Men's Group; here is a list of possible activities. I hope it helps.

- Observing clouds laying on banana chairs on a cloudy day
- Cooking: Ginger Beer Making
- Cooking: Making Fruit Kebabs
- Radio play
- Pottery
- Nature walks
- Clay sculpture
- Gardening: Fill pots with potting mixture, planting seeds
- Interesting quizzes (Golden Carers has dozens of fun quizzes)
- Polishing brass
- Bowling
- Talking Books
- Tactile Dominoes
- Drumming circle
- Scent guessing
- Classic music (Choose one composer at time and encourage listening actively - Chopin Nocturne Op.9 no 2 for instance)
- Reminiscing: Professions that no longer exist -
- Pot decoration -

All the best to you and your Men's Group
Sandra 4th Feb 2014 LLO/Traiiner
Hi Lance,

So good to read that it is a man running a man's group! Here are some activities that our Men enjoy;

- Brewing Beer
- reminiscing about the local Pubs and Dances they went to
- Tram shed/car shows/ fishing outings
- Male orientated quiz
- guest speakers from Mens Health groups
- Model building- can use larger pieces of wood for him to work with
- outings to hardware shops
- current affairs- Mens only
- jokes
- Reading Westerns
- Tip shop visits
- Mens Barber
- Betting

the above are just a few ideas. Hope they help
Sancha 4th Feb 2014 Personal Carer
An activity for visually impaired and handicapped people is table bobs. We had a Bobs frame made with the numbers on the front over the openings where the balls are rolled. We use 6 golf balls and put an X on two of the balls for double score. We place the frame on a table that we have placed a blanket down first. Make sure you have a whiteboard handy for scoring. There is a prize for the highest man, lady and a booby prize for last. We keep a record for the year and have a trophies for the winners etc. Cheers Sancha
Jessie 4th Feb 2014 Support Care Worker
Choose and play pieces of music they can relate to and ask them to finish the verse or pick the tune. Put several items in a pillow slip and ask them to feel them through the fabric and state what the items are and what job they relate to. Discuss the job.
kathy 20th Feb 2014 Leisure & Lifestyle Officer
Asking your local mens shed for volunteers to come around and have a barbeque and chatt at a lunch once a month. thats what i do and have a six pack of light beer, and a barbeque lunch outside.

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