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Jill 11th Apr 2014
I would like to set up a reminiscing corner for our ladies with dementia. Can anyone give me some ideas about what to put in there? I am thinking ironing board and washing baskets etc. - thanks
Jeanette 14th Apr 2014 Activities Officer
Get some bright coloured socks...(from Op shop) stripes and dots, lots of bright colours. Put them in a small basket and ask some of your residents to pair them for you. You'll be surprised at how many of them will remember how to do it!
Kerry 16th Apr 2014 Recreation
Baby clothes to fold and sort. Some hand knits spark conversation. Also texture and softness they love.
Shirley 25th Apr 2014 Recreation Officer
Dear Jill, For your Reminiscing Corner perhaps you could include: A straw broom, carpet sweeper, rolling pin, flour sifter and a washing board. The Reminiscing Corner is a wonderful idea. All the best. Shirley NSW
Jean 17th Jul 2014 Recreational Activities Officer
Hi Jill, have done this idea and found that old kitchenalia such as collanders, cannisters wooden spoons etc were very popular. We also had an old kettle, iron and mixer. Goodluck!
Lauretta 29th Jul 2014 Diversional Therapist
Get a darning mushroom for a talk about darning socks. Large knitting needles and a large crochet hook to try with some wool.
Old school books invite discussion and so do tools for the men.
Diane 24th Jan 2023 Activity Coordinator
I came with one question but now I have two:
1) is there a safe way to let residents iron clothes? I have a few who are capable, under supervision of course, but I'm afraid of the high possibility of burning accidents.
2) when you use kitchen items, do you just set the items out to try? Or do you reminisce as you talk about the items? I tend to only want to use them in food making activities, but that really limits exposure to the items and limits the number of people who can participate.
Look forward to your ideas!

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